Logical Spreadsheets

A Logical Spreadsheet is a spreadsheet in which the formula language is expanded from function definitions to logical constraints.

The Stanford Logic Group is currently working on an implementation of a logical spreasdheet, called PrediCalc.

Logical Spreasdheet project group members:

Michael Kassoff (PhD candidate)
Eric Kao (PhD candidate)
Michael Genesereth (Professor)


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Working papers:

Eric Kao and Michael Genesereth. "Answers with Consistent Support - Complexity and Query Rewriting." Working paper.


A small demo that accompanies Michael Genesereth's keynote at RuleML-2010 is available here.

How to turn your webpage into a logical spreadsheet.


Michael Genesereth gave an invited lecture on logical spreadsheets at NCSU in November 2004. A video of the talk is available online.


The Workshop on Logical Spreadsheets (WOLS'05) was held September 22-23, 2005 at Stanford University.


To see an interactive example of a logical spreadsheet, see the May issue of the AI Expert newsletter.


US. Pat. No.: 7707486 "Logical Spreadsheets" (4/27/2010)