Ph. D. Graduates

WhoYearThesis Title
Rada Chirkova 2002 Automated Database Restructuring
Oliver Duschka 1998 Query Planning and Optimization in Information Integration
Donald Geddis 1995 Caching and Non-Horn Inference in Model-Elimination Theorem Provers
J. Jeffrey Finger 1987 Supersumption
Alyssa Glass 2010 Explanation of Adaptive Systems
Russell Greiner 1985 Learning by Understanding Analogies
Timothy Hinrichs 2007 Extensional Reasoning
Jane Hsu 1991 Partial Programs
Eric Kao 2015 Violation Management in Relational Data
Michael Kassoff 2011 Logical Spreadsheets
Jock MacKinlay 1986 Automatic Design of Graphical Presentations
Ofer Matan 1996 Ensembles for Supervised Classification Learning
Illah Nourbakhsh 1996 Interleaving Planning and Execution
Jeffrey Rosenschein 1985 Rational Interaction Among Intelligent Agents
H. Scott Roy 1995 Sharp, Reliable Predictions Using Supervised Mixture Models
Stuart Russell 1986 Reasoning by Analogy
Vishal Sikka 1996 Integrating Specialized Procedures into Proof Systems
Narinder Singh 1985 Exploiting Design Morphology to Manage Complexity
Vineet Singh 1988 Distributed Deduction
David Smith 1985 Controlling Inference
Devika Subramanian 1989 Reformulation to Increase Efficiency
Richard Treitel 1986 Sequentialization of Logic Programs
John Woodfill 1992 Motion Vision and Tracking for Robots in Dynamic, Unstructured Environments