Eric Jui-Yi Kao

Ph.D. Candidate

Computer Science Department
Stanford University


Violation management in relational data.

Additional interests: data integration & warehousing, probabilistic databases, logical spreadsheets.


DataWYS. An inconsistency-tolerant WYSIWYG data management system

iByD. An inconsistency-tolerant logic engine for SAP ByDesign configuration interface


M. Genesereth and E. Kao. (2013) Introduction to Logic. Morgan-Claypool Publishers. [book]

E. Kao. (2011) Consistency and provenance in rule processing (invited). RuleML (America) 2011. [paper|presentation|preprint]

E. Kao. (2011) Two sources of explosion. Inconsistency Robustness 2011. [paper|presentation]

J.-Y. Kao, N. Rampersad, J. Shallit. (2009) On NFA's where all states are final, initial, or both. Theoretical Computer Science 410: 5010-5021.[abstract|paper|preprint]

J.-Y. Kao. Computing query answers with consistent support - a Ph.D. project proposal. IDAR 2009. [paper|presentation]

T. L. Hinrichs, J.-Y. Kao, and M. Genesereth. Inconsistency-tolerant reasoning with classical logic and large databases. SARA 2009. [abstract|paper|preprint|presentation]

J.-Y. Kao, J. Shallit and Z. Xu. The Frobenius Problem in a Free Monoid. STACS 2008. [abstract|paper|preprint|proceedings]

J.-Y. Kao, N. Rampersad, J. Shallit, M. Silva. Words avoiding repetitions in arithmetic progressions. Theoretical Computer Science. 391, 1-2 (Feb. 2008), 126-137. [abstract|paper|preprint]

Technical reports and working papers

E. Kao and M. Genesereth. Achieving cut,deduction, and other properties with a variation on quasi-classical logic. Short presentation at LICS 2011. [paper|presentation]

E. Kao and M. Genesereth. Incremental Consequence Finding in First-Order Logic. Technical Report, Stanford University LG-2011-01. [paper]

E. Kao and M. Genesereth. Query rewriting with filtering constraints. Technical Report, Stanford University LG-2010-01. [paper]

J. Barbay, E. Chiniforooshan, A. Golynski, J.-Y. Kao, A. Veraskowski. (2006) Generalized labeled LCA queries. Technical Report, University of Waterloo CS-2006-31. [paper]

Other presentations

Managing inconsistencies in Collaborative Data Management [PDF] (presented to HP Labs on November 9, 2010)

Computer Technology in K-12 Education [PDF] (presented to students of Foothill College course: CHLD 59 Working with school-age children)


My Erdős number is 2.