Stanford Logic Group

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The Stanford Logic Group is a multidisciplinary research group operating within the Stanford Computer Science Department. Members of the Group include faculty, staff, and students from Stanford along with visiting professionals from companies and other universities.

The research focus of the Logic Group is Computational Logic. Computational Logic is that branch of Computer Science concerned with the representation and processing of information in the form of logical statements. Everyone is familiar with ability of computers to compute with numbers. Our interest is in endowing computers with logical reasoning abilities as well.

Our research in this area includes topics in Automated Deduction, Constraint Satisfaction, and Deductive Databases. Topics of special interest right now include Differential Logic, Reformulation, Paraconsistent Reasoning, Updating Databases through Views, Extensional Reasoning, Logical Spreadsheets, Data Integration, and General Game Playing.

Although the Logic Group is concerned primarily with theoretical research, we have a strong commitment to the application of theoretical results to problems of commercial and/or social value. Work on such applications is a way to validate our results and points to problems in need of further research. At present, we are concentrating primarily on applications of Computational Logic in Enterprise Management, Computational Law, and Electronic Commerce.

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