Logic Programming

Assignment - Program Sheets

The purpose of this exercise is for you to become familiar with the encoding of logical rules that define legality and illegality of a given state of affairs. The world here is an academic program sheet implemented as a worksheet with various choices of courses for a student to take. The user's goal in filling out this form is to specify courses that meet his interests while satisfying all academic requirements and not spending too much time in the program.

The program sheet contains the academic requirements in two forms. They are listed on the form in English, and they are encoded as rules that are not visible on the form. The rules are the basis for the dynamic behavior of the program sheet. As the user checks various courses, the English encoding of the requirements changes color. Black means that the requirement is satisfied; red means the requirement is not satisfied.

Your job in this exercise is to write rules that formalize the hypothetical requirements described in English on the program sheet and thereby make the program sheet behave appropriately. Once you have done this, you should submit your rules to the teaching assistant and/or demonstrate your revised program sheet.

Suggestion: To facilitate your work, copy the worksheet at the URL shown below and save it on your local machine. Using your favorite text editor, add your rules to the file. View the resulting file in your browser to see if it behaves as described above. (If your file is stored in directory "mydirectory" and is named "myfile.html", you can access it by typing the URL "file:///mydirectory/myfile.html" in your browser's address bar.)

Starter Program Sheet

Submission Details. When you are done with the assignment, submit your updated HTML. We will evaluate your worksheet based on the quality of your rules and the behavior of your worksheet.