Logic Programming

Assignment - Movies

In the lecture on Datasets, we saw that it is possible to represent data in the form of triples. In this assignment, you are asked to illustrate this by encoding information in a triple-based representation.

Consider a vocabulary that includes the predicates shown below.

movie.instance(x) means that x is a movie.
actor.instance(x) means that x is an actor.
director.instance(x) means that x is a director.
year.instance(x) means that x is a year.
title.instance(x) means that x is a title.

movie.star(x,y) means that movie x stars actor y.
movie.director(x,y) means that movie x was directed by y.
movie.year(x,y) means that movie x was released in year y.
movie.title(x,y) means that movie x has the title y.

Choose symbols for a few movies, actors, directors, years, and titles, and encode the relevant data about these entities using this vocabulary.

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