Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF)

Open Issues

Open issues are issues that have been raised but not yet voted on by the ANSI Ad Hoc Group.


Should we define just for numeral-representable numbers or should we offer full axiomatizations that would fix their meaning for all algebraic numbers as well?

Extensible Term operators vs. Sentence Operators

There is currently only one way to designate new operators, viz. surrounding dots. Some people have suggested that there ought to be two -- one for terms and one for sentences. Then it would be possible for software at least to know the type of expression from that convention.

Emnbedded Sentences

It has been argued that there is no need to distinguish between sentences and terms. We could allow sentences within terms (with boolean values). This is nontraditional and requires study but may be feasible. Is it desirable?

Frames ontology

Ontology of procedures and processes

Modal operators

Defined in ontologies using extensible operator syntax.

Story on handling of nonmonotonic information

Relationship to contexts, names, indexicals

Michael R. Genesereth , Stanford University,