Knowledge Interchange Format Manual

Knowledge Interchange Format

Version 3.0

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Michael R. Genesereth

Richard E. Fikes

in collaboration with

This manual is the ``living document'' of the Interlingua Working Group of the DARPA Knowledge Sharing Effort. As such, it represents work in progress toward a proposal for a standard knowledge interchange format.

Computer Science Department Stanford University Stanford, California 94305 Abstract: Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF) is a computer-oriented language for the interchange of knowledge among disparate programs. It has declarative semantics (i.e. the meaning of expressions in the representation can be understood without appeal to an interpreter for manipulating those expressions); it is logically comprehensive (i.e. it provides for the expression of arbitrary sentences in the first-order predicate calculus); it provides for the representation of knowledge about the representation of knowledge; it provides for the representation of nonmonotonic reasoning rules; and it provides for the definition of objects, functions, and relations.

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