CodeX Insurance Analyst  

Welcome to the CodeX Insurance Analyst. We will be posting more information here in due course. Right now, all we have is the raw demo. Click on one of the buttons below to get started.


Click here if you want to explore the system with fresh data.

This will overwrite any changes you made in previous sessions.


Click here if you want to resume a session you began earlier.

Your changes will be saved until you load fresh data.

What is going on here? In order to assure a reliable demo, we do not allow users to change data on the server. Instead, all changes you make are saved in your browser; and, if you click on the Resume button above, you will see that data. Clicking on the Refresh button will load fresh data from the server and overwrite any changes you have made. Note that, since your changes are recorded in your local browser, you will not be able to see your changes in other browsers or on other machines.