General Game Playing

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The following chapters are from a book entitled General Game Playing by Michael Genesereth and Michael Thielscher. Note that there are interactive exercises at the ends of the chapters. You are encouraged to do these exercises. However, they are not required.

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Game Description
Chapter 3 - Game Management
Chapter 4 - Game Playing
Chapter 5 - Small Single-Player Games
Chapter 6 - Small Multiple-Player Games
Chapter 7 - Heuristic Search
Chapter 8 - Probabilistic Search
Chapter x - Logical Optimization
Chapter y - Reformulation
Chapter 9 - Propositional Nets
Chapter 10 - General Game Playing With Propnets
Chapter 11 - Factoring With Propnets
Chapter 12 - Discovering Heuristics With Propnets
Chapter 13 - Logic
Chapter 14 - Analyzing Games With Logic
Chapter 15 - Solving Single-Player Games With Logic
Chapter 16 - Discovering Heuristics With Logic
Chapter 17 - Games with Incomplete Information
Chapter 18 - Games with Historical Constraints
Chapter 19 - Incomplete Game Descriptions
Chapter 20 - Advanced General Game Playing
A Brief Introduction to Basic Logic Programming

Morgan-Claypool has published a clean version of the notes and is making it available in both PDF and printed form. (Note that the content is virtually identical to the material available by clicking on these links, with the exception of chapters x and y. Only the form is different.) You can purchase the Morgan-Claypool version by clicking here.

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