The subroutine remcontent takes a sentence and a dataset or a ruleset as argument and removes the specified sentence to the specified dataset or ruleset. It returns the specified sentence as value.

Call: lambda = readdata('p(a,b) p(b,c) p(c,d) p(d,e) p(b,c)') Exit: ... Call: grind(remcontent(read('p(d,e)'),lambda)) Exit: p(d,e) Call: grindem(lambda) Exit: p(a,b) p(b,c) p(c,d) p(b,c) Call: grind(remcontent(read('p(b,c)'),lambda)) Exit: p(b,c) Call: grindem(lambda) Exit: p(a,b) p(c,d) p(b,c)

Note that remcontent removes only the exact sentence from the specified dataset or ruleset; it does not remove copies. Note also that it removes only one instance of the specified sentence.

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