compfindg(expression,sentence,factset,ruleset) → expressionlist

The compfindg subroutine takes as arguments an expression (called the aspect), a sentence (called the query), a factset, and a ruleset. It returns as value a generator that can be used to produce incremental answers to the query. Each time the generator is invoked (using the call subroutine), it uses the facts in the factset and the rules in the ruleset to derive an additional instance of the query. If it succeeds, it returns tne corresponding of the aspect; if it fails, it returns [].

Call: definefacts(repository,readdata('p(art,bob) p(bob,cal) p(bob,cam)')) Exit: true Call: definerules(library,readdata('g(X,Z) :- p(X,Y) & p(Y,Z)')) Exit: true Call: var gen = compfindg('Z',read('g(art,Z)'),repository,library) Exit: ... Call: call(gen) Exit: cal Call: call(gen) Exit: cam Call: call(gen) Exit: false Call: call(gen) Exit: false Call: var gen = compfinds('Z',read('g(bob,Z)'),repository,library) Exit: ... Call: call(gen) Exit: false

See related subroutines compfindp, compfindx, and compfindg.

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